Eteläpuisto 17, 28100 Pori

kirkkojalintuPori Methodist Church is founded in 1887 and it is the oldest finnish speaking Methodist congregation in Finland. Our church is part of the United Methodist Church in Finland. 

We are...


The Holy Bible is the ultimate authority of our faith on which we want to base our whole spiritual life. We believe that the Bible is the inerrant word and revelation of God and it has the power to change people's lives.


We want to tell the good news, the gospel of Jesus Christ, to those who have not yet come to know him as Lord and Saviour. We also want to help christians to grow towards spiritual maturity as followers and disciples of Lord Jesus Christ.


We understand that our Lord Jesus Christ has given us a great comission: evangelising and discipling all nations! We want to reach the peoples that have not yet heard of the gospel of Jesus Christ and bring them to Christ through evangelism, discipleship, aid ministry and chruch planting. Currenty we are invlolved in the world mission by working among Muslims (Albania), Hindus (India)  and non-religious (Russia).


Although our own Methodist traditon is dear to us, we rejoice of the unity of all followers of Christ regardless of the their denomination. We understand the difference between church and kingdom. By building the Kingdom of God we are also building the Church of God.

More information on Methodist ministries in Finland: http://www.metodistikirkko.fi
More information on the international co-operation: http://www.umc.org

Our church's street address:
Porin Metodistiseurakunta
Eteläpuisto 17
28100 Pori Finland
Tel. +358 44 2592783

Who are we?
Christians from different countries, sharing Jesus’ love and on regular basis meeting to worship and serve God.

Why an English Congregation in Pori?
To give the opportunity to each person to learn more in English about Bible, our Savior Jesus-Christ and God’s plan for our lives.

What is our drive?
God’s Word, the Bible, is the only source of teaching. Jesus-Christ died on the cross for our sins and came back to life for our Salvation. Our personal relationship with Him is the most important thing to take care of.

When do we meet?
Each 3 weeks on Sunday at 14.00: English Service with Bible teaching, worship, songs, testimonies, Holy Communion 4 times a year, coffee and common time after the Service. Bible groups in English are also regularly organized.

Who can join us?
All are welcome! Let’s discover how Jesus has changed so many lives. Let’s learn how we can pray together and support each others through our faith in Christ.