Eteläpuisto 17, 28100 Pori

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English Congregation in Pori -- gathering together, praying, reading Bible, singing and worshiping God.

Sunday December, 17th at 1pm - Christmas English Service with Holy Communion. “Christmas Gospel, Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem (Luke 2:1-21): what is the meaning of Christmas?” Tree of blessings, prayer, Christmas coffee and fellowship after the Service. WELCOME!

Why an English Congregation in Pori? To give an opportunity for each person to learn more about Bible in English, get to know our Savior Jesus Christ better and dicover God’s plan for our lives.

Pori Methodist Church -- International Service in English

Our key words are «Jesus loves you». Our only source of teaching, study and authority is the Holy Bible, the inerrant word of God. We gather to praise the Lord, thank Jesus for His love, listen to what He wants to tell us and learn from His Word. We pray together, help and support each other through prayer.

There are a few points of focus which we consider important:

1) Studying Bible together is important. Doing what the Bible says is even more important. Teaching God’s Word in a concrete and practical way aims to serve Him regarding His will in our everyday life.

2) Our persecuted brothers and sisters need our prayers. We are going through Open Doors watch list (50 persecuted countries), praying for each of them during one week.

3) Helping the poor, widows and orphans is one of God’s commands.

Welcome everybody. God bless you!